Group live sessions

Jo Allen Beyond Angels Group Meditations

"I invite you to come join me for these new Live Group Sessions.  These are very different to anything you will have experienced before.  Each Live, intuitively guided meditations  will take you on a very rare voyage of spiritual discovery and great healing found in the beautiful bright spirit world.

As I am guided by the angels and spirit guides who step forward to direct each of these sessions, please know each session will be attuned to the specific support needed for the current energies.  The therapeutic insights each journey will provide is amplified by the beautiful energy of the souls joining.  I hope you will join the sessions that call to you as my spiritual team is eager to provide you the heart-healing and soul clarity that we all so need"

Jo Allen

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Amethyst crystal violet flame intuitive healer Jo Allen

Are you longing for home?

Starseeds are being called to find their Pheidian guides.  This special high vibrational journey will take you up to pure Cosmic Worlds.  Jo will gently connect you with your Soul Star and way beyond.  Have you been longing to find your true home?  Have you been seeking to find your tribe?  This precious time with Jo will be about rebirth and renewal, reprogramming and finding your authentic light codes.  Start to be sovereign of your own energy field.

Amethyst/Lemurian quartz

Rose quartz heart healing soul healing Jo Allen

Can you hear your soul garden calling you?   

Within the walls of your sacred soul garden the answers wait patiently for you.  With Jo's amazing connection with the angels and beyond she will take you to this very special, safe place.  Here there is a beautiful abundance of messages and healing.  On this precious session with Jo, discover your true authenticity and the powerful strength from within.  Let the heavenly angels give you great clarity for your heart and soul.

Rose quartz/Ruby

During each session I will be channelling crystal healing directly from source.  I have suggested crystals you may like to hold in your hand during the meditation, these are just an offering and are an optional thing for those interested.  Please do not feel you need to purchase these crystals, as a powerful healer the benefits will come  through me whether you join in with the Live or listen to the recording.  You may also like to light a candle each week to focus your thoughts or prayers.

These Live Zoom sessions will be 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes long. They will start at 7 pm UK time.  If you are unable to attend the Live, a recording will be able for the following 28 days.  You will be able to listen to this as many times as you like within this time.

A very limited number of places will be available on a first come first served basis.  All levels of spiritual awareness welcome.

They are priced at £35 each session.  If all 5 sessions are booked at same time there will be a discount of £25 on the total.

These particular sessions are for women only to attend.



"Jo's new healing group session was beyond amazing!  It was like going on a journey with the angels and was very powerful with the support of other women from all around the world.  It got me really emotional because I could feel all this love and pure energy gathered around the same goal!  It helped me so much to release old wounds and pain!  I will be back for sure".

"This was the most amazing experience dear Jo.  It was so lovely and transformative with the angels love and healing power.  I barely noticed the time fly by I was so focused and absorbed by your beautiful descriptive channelling.  Thank you so much for this incredible experience.... I think I'm still floating a bit higher right now"

"Thank you dear Jo for a wonderful trip to Egypt with Isis, Hett and the Hathors.  You don't even realise how deeply you are into the meditation until you are stepping back into the boat to return by the Nile.  It feels rejuvenating and more whole in the self.... soul retrieval, than when you began.  A wonderful retreat into the magical ancient world of Egypt to be more fully who you are".