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Time for Change

This was a wonderfully empowering message from the angels this week and the strong energy around at the moment seems to be welcoming us to make much needed changes in our lives. It feels as if there is a very strong pull from the universe helping us to release old blocks and question our deep rooted behavioral patterns, giving us space for bright new, shiny opportunities instead.

Whilst walking in the woods this morning I felt great reassurance in all the nature around. It seems to be guiding and showing us lessons for our own life. It can reassure us that we can choose to cling less tightly to old ways of life, reviewing what no longer serves us well and be curious as to what new opportunities would be welcomed in as replacements. Trees naturally let go of their golden leaves to invite new lush green ones in next year. Squirrels are busy rushing around burying acorns to hide away for later use. In this action they focus on what they need to do and do not compare themselves or their achievements to others as humans often do. Acorns appear in my psychic visions as messages from the angels to my client that from tiny acorns huge oak trees grow. Little ideas have to be cared for, nurtured and sewn in the right conditions to be able to grow and flourish too.

With this energy in the air I sense a lot of quiet empathetic souls who are usually not brave enough to make changes or to speak their truth are finding courage to stand up and embrace their true essence like never before. Many are tired and have health problems as they are using so much energy trying to be what they are not, fighting their intuition and therefore blocking their natural abundant flow in life.

The angels offer us that now is the perfect time to question areas of our lives, do we have patterns, beliefs or people around us that no longer seem to be functioning or giving us joy? Sometimes when we first unearth these areas we may be filled with deep fear but don't be put off. Just because we have done things in a certain way before does't mean we have to carry on with them forever. We truly have the choice as to whether to carry on or question our lives. If this brings up insecurities and fears please be comforted that when we are at our most vulnerable we can unearth some amazing strength from within us that we never knew was there. By looking at our deepest shadows we can welcome in new light.

Through meditation, prayer, quiet thoughts or staring at a lite candle we can connect with the angels and know they are truly always by our side waiting for us too ask for their help.

If you would love to make changes within your life or seek guidance and clarity on your way forward an Angel Soul Reading can really help. Also I offer Angelic Healing sessions which can help us heal things from our past while giving us great strength and courage to achieve our dreams. With Christmas fast approaching Gift Vouchers for Angel Readings or Healing can be a beautiful, unique gift.

The angels ask what gives you joy and gratitude in your life?

Sending you light and love from the angels and I.

Jo x

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