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"Since youth I have heard angels whisper, seen spirits close and felt the psychic story of objects as I held them in my hand."

Jo Allen psychic medium angel whisperer

"Jo's gentle approach combined with her powerful connection to spirit makes for an extraordinary  alchemy of healing and guidance".

Emma - UK

"Jo is an Alchemist who turned my tears into my gold"

— Marie - UK

Marie- UK


“Working with Jo Allen is transformative.  She is such a bright light and her connection with the angels is true, deep and powerful.  Just one session will change you life forever.  I feel so blessed and appreciative to have connected with her”

Angie - USA

Are you ready to heal and transform your life?

"My clients are on a quest to find out who they truly are, why they are here and how they can heal. 

The effect of my sessions can be truly life changing, the client can feel empowered, discover their hidden inner strength, gain massive clarity, be healed from events in this life as well as in past lives and find the true essence of who they are.  They are given the tools to enable them to start a new life, guided by their heart and soul ".


Jo Allen Angel Whisperer psychic medium,

intuitive Soul Reading


Goddess Healing session


Intuitive healing Session


Spiritual mentoring

Gift Vouchers available

Wonderful gift of a Soul Reading or a Healing Session for a loved one.  Choose between 60 and 30 minutes timings.  Via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Valid for 12 months from purchase.

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In my uniquely powerful way I work Directly with Source, the Angels , Ascending masters and beautiful light beings

I love Instagram. Regularly I post pictures, videos and host free Live Card readings which are great fun.  You can discover me @joallenbeyondangels.

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Soul Retrieval Testimonial

"I was lucky enough to experience one of Jo's Soul Retrieval sessions last week and it has been literally life changing for me.  I went in with little idea how it would work and I left with a real understanding of the many things that have been holding me back.

It felt like a real journey of discovery and I feel like I was able to clear a lot of negativity from my soul, whilst picking up pieces of myself that I have left behind in the past.  

I feel like I have reclaimed parts of myself that I didn't even know I had lost and that it was really important for me to realise that, in order to move forward with my life.

Jo's knowledge and expertise of what she does is incredible to see in action and she has so much sensitivity when dealing with your past issues that you feel totally comfortable.

To be able to connect with my soul from the past has really helped me to come to terms with many issues, and to heal myself on a really deep level.

It was truly magical and special that I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in such an incredible experience".