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Intuitive Soul Healer

Connecting people to their souls and to the universe beyond

I have seen angels and spirits since childhood and I now use this special connection to act as a spiritual guide, helping people all over the globe to elevate the mind, heart, soul, health and wellbeing.

Whether it be dealing with trauma and grief, relationship dynamics, indecision, emotional blocks or poor mental wellbeing, my support from the angels can help to connect you to the unconditional love of the universe.

I offer clients powerful healings and bespoke readings to connect them to their hearts and souls, alongside advice on how to move through challenges with ease.  Furthermore, I offer teachings of my own unique practices and techniques through spiritual mentoring sessions.  Also I can perform high vibrational home energy clearing sessions remotely, which is a rare opportunity soley offered by me.

Are you ready for transformation?

What can you get from a session?

  • My unique connection to the spirit realm

  • A lifechanging new perspective

  • Greater clarity and focus

  • Reassurance, comfort and peace

  • Revitalised wellbeing

  • Empowerment to access your own inner strength and light

  • Improved confidence and self-worth

  • Guidance to overcome fears and blocks

  • Acceptance of self and situations

  • Rediscovery and healing of your inner child

  • Access to heartfelt love from the angelic realm

  • Awareness of destructive patterns of behaviour

  • Harmonising chakras, auras and energy fields

  • Healing of past lives and ancestral patterns of behaviour

  • Realisation of one’s potential

  • Enlightenment and transformation

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Jo Allen psychic medium angel whisperer

“Finding Jo and doing sessions with her has changed my life.  I felt so at ease when I saw Jo.  She is not judgmental and you can tell her even things you never told to anyone.  She brought a new perspective with her clairvoyance and unstuck me of problems I was ruminating over and over again.  She literally freed me of a 10-year problem.  I tried everything before her and never found a solution before.

Even if you doubt, you will be provided with answers and solutions you have been seeking for so long.  She is the most gifted, incredible and most magical woman I know”

Aida Kessintini,



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"I have worked with Jo for years and it has been life-changing.  She has helped me grow and to see my path so much clearer.  From my own wish to help people to actually getting to a point where I dare to use my gifts and be a healer, Jo has been with me every step of the way, helping me in ways I will never be able to put into words.  Being a healer doesn't always mean you can help yourself, and having someone I can turn to when I need it is invaluable.  I am so grateful I found her when I did and would recommend anyone to take a session with her"

Kristin Gjerlow,



“I don’t think I ever thanked you for my angel reading a couple of years ago.  I was surprised by what came out of the reading but I took the advice, moved to Berlin and started writing.  I now have two books that will be published next year and a third the year after!

You said in the reading that the angels were waiting to power up my little boat and send it in the right direction and that’s exactly what happened.  I also feel their guidance regularly now and honestly can’t thank you enough for opening this channel for me”

Gift Vouchers available

Wonderful gift of a Soul Reading or a Healing Session - 60 minute.  Via Zoom.  Valid for 12 months from purchase.

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