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intuitive Soul Reading

Jo Allen, Jo Allen Beyond Angels, Intuitive Healer, Wellbeing coach, Spiritual Guide, Berk

"Amazing reading which gave me such clarity on my way forward in life.  Jo is not only an extremely gifted clairvoyant and medium, she is a kind and sensitive soul who helped me connect with my heart once more"

Intuitive Soul Reading

Live one to one Session via Zoom

60 minutes


As a highly experienced intuitive I have clients worldwide and am a direct channel for them to the light spirit world.  I channel a powerful blend of healing messages directly from Source, the Angels and beyond in a way unlike anyone else.  My lifetime connection with the angelic realm means that I work at an extremely high vibration in a calm, sensitive, open-hearted way with no judgement.  I am a modern mystic and a beautiful pure vessel able to channel life-changing messages and healing directly for the light beings. Even experienced spiritual souls who come to me say they have not experienced anything like my readings before.

​Some souls come to me for clear guidance, clarity and focus whereas others come for spiritual help. Each reading is full to the brim with messages of reassurance, love and hope from the universe to achieve our dreams and aspirations. A large amount of healing occurs while the situations and feelings most plaguing your mind are addressed. It’s like receiving a double dose of healing help and support from beyond this world.

I spend at 15 minutes before each session to compassionately connect with the person’s energy. Then during the session I serve as an amazing energetic bridge connecting the client to the magical healing messages of the beautiful, bright, spirit realm in an extremely accurate way. They always seem to know exactly what we need, connecting us with the true essence of our soul in a beautiful light, bright way. In this way, people are able to better access their own souls for a much greater understanding of why they are here thus enabling their lives to flourish and bloom. ​​

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Selection of areas which can be covered in a soul reading

  • ​Review past, present and future, linking all three to help the client move forward with focus and self confidence

  • Connecting the client to their heart and soul so they can be guided and comforted.  Powerfully rebalancing their head, heart and soul.


  • Clarity and guidance for the future and the choices one can make, giving them the tools so they can identify the best way forward to reach their true potential. ​​


  • Locating of blocks and hidden fears in areas that are keeping one stuck so that healing and removal can occur.


  • Reuniting one with their true soul essence so they can harness their power and move forward with strength and courage.


  • Release locked grief which has held one back, often unaware of how events in their life have caused emotions and behavioural patterns ever since


  • Channel messages from past loved ones in a caring and sensitive way


  • Give comfort to sadness from loss and grief by sending healing pure love from the angels to one’s heart


  • Empower the client to be in control of opening and closing their heart space, to receive and give love in equal measures.


  • Provide insights into relationships, patterns and beliefs.  With this awareness can come reprogramming of these past behaviours to form a plan of action, new strategies and methods to deal with certain relationships and events.


  • Highlight emotions which are controlling the clients’ decisions and provide new balance for the​​​​​ them​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ all


  • Reconnect clients with their inner child so they have a much greater understanding of who they truly are, this can give them amazing healing strength from within themselves to move their lives forward in powerful ways.

  • Discover, clear and cut energetic cords that have been held within clients which have held them back from their own true power.  These may be from this lifetime or carried forward from past lives or ancestral lines. 

Let the light of the universe flood into your world now!


Is it time you reclaimed your power?



Sarah Hamiton

Solis Mala

Holistic Facials, Reiki, Sound Healing and handmade crystal mala

"In a session I had with Jo I asked about a big move I had coming up.  I was moving over 200 miles away and had experienced lots of delays and had many things falling apart in my life and felt quite anxious at the time.  One of the things she said was she saw a door and felt that the Angels were saying I should paint the front door of the new house, perhaps changing the colour. 


I've now been in my house almost 2 years and although I wanted to follow the advice as soon as we moved actually I really liked the colour of it and I wasn't able to as the house is rented.  But I've never forgotten it and I often quietly thought I need to act on that message. 


Our landlord is absolutely lovely and recently said we can make the house our own.  I knew I was going through big energy shifts shedding old ways of life and launching a new business.  And so I just knew there was something in this message and the time to do it was now.  So I finally painted our front door a beautiful deep green colour I happened to have. 


And everything feels different now - it was so symbolic - I've literally closed the door to an old way of being and opened the door to a new life.  And hours later, after painting it, I got my first booking for my new treatment and I just know this is the completion of this big shift in energy that started two years ago!  THANK YOU Jo and thank you Angels"


Michelle Davis

Flotsam Holistics

Advanced Reiki and Tapping Practitioner

"I booked an Intuitive Soul Reading with Jo, having just finished a particularly hard round of IVF which had failed.  Having experience infertility for many years, I felt that my body was trying to give me messages on a deeper level, I was lost and feeling extremely over-whelmed and vunerable.


Immediately I felt at ease with Jo and her insights blew me away right from the beginning of the session.  Within the first two minutes I had received a message that validated and made sense of something I had been feeling my entire life!  Jo's session revealed so much to me, it was soothing on so many levels and I believe set me on course for much deeper healing. 


As I reflect back now almost a year later, I can still see how Jo's session has paved the way to where I am in my life now, like a key was turned in doors that had been  previously locked.  I am still gaining insights from Jo's words and many of the messages are now becoming clear and revealing themselves to me on a much deeper level.

We all need guidance and help to be able to find and  follow our true self and soul path.  I know that my session with Jo was very much 'meant' to happen to give me the permission to surrender to the guidance and messages my soul was telling me.  It has helped me on so many levels in all areas of my life both personally and in my own healing work with others" 

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