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spiritual mentoring


"Jo Allen is the Queen of the Psychic Visions"

Do you long to understand your true essence so you can reach your  powerful potential  in all areas of your life?  Would you love this opportunity to have insight into my unique, powerful connection with the angels which I have had since childhood?


In these sessions I share my own secrets as to how I connect with the angels at such a very unique, high vibrational level.  This knowing can enrich your life and speed up your spiritual awareness.  A new found connection with the angels can powerfully help you in so many areas of your life.  I can help you connect to your own intuition, spirit guides and angels.  Also I will teach you the tools and awareness to help you deal with your own precious intuitive gifts.  The angels and beyond can help you find your own true inner power and strength .

As a spiritual mentor I love to share the teaching and guidance which I could never find myself in the past.

It can be exhausting, difficult and lonely to manoeuvre your way through life as an empath or growing up with psychic gifts.  My mentoring sessions can hold the space between the angels and yourself so you can understand your unique gifts ways, working out your true alignment in life.   Guided by the angels, each session is bespoke to your individual needs.  My teaching is from the place of an open heart where you feel safe to speak your own truth.

Please reach out to me if you feel ready embark on this special 1 : 1 mentoring or if you have any questions.  Some clients book one session, some book a block of them, its whatever suits the individuals needs.

  • Guide and teach empaths on how to deal with the world which can be extremely difficult and overwhelming​​

  • ​Mentor clients, giving them an understand their own individual unique gifts so they can stand in their truth with confidence and connect with their true authentic self.

  • Teach clients how to connect with their own intuition, angels and their own spirit guides

  • Align the client so they are able to connect with their true self and soul purpose


  • Provide insights into their spiritual path and areas which they can develop

  • Guiding the client to review their belief and awakening their own spirituality

  • Offering tools and methods to help clear their spiritual path

  • Offer a safe, heart centred space where the client is able to feel open and accepted for who they truly are​​

  • Connect the client to the divine feminine energy of Gaia

  • Work with the client on the ascension process as we move from 3D to 5D , making an exciting new world

£50 Discount on total price when Booking block of 3 sessions
- Please contact for more information

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