Home Energy Clearing Session

Home energy clearing

"This is a breath of fresh air, it is a beautiful gift to the whole family"

After the last two years our homes have collected so much pent up energy within them.  This energy now needs to be released as it is can hold us back and keep us stuck in an exhausted state.  Fear, frustration, confusion and lack energy of very low vibration can be held within our homes. 

Now is the time to claim our homes back, so they are sacred spaces filled with the energy of love, calm and great clarity rather than fear.

During this remote session I am able to clear heavy stuck energy using the knowledge and power that Source has given me.  I can reset your space so you can have a beautiful fresh start, see your home in a different light and feel uplifted of heart when you enter it again.  It can give you a different perspective on your home, lifting your confidence and give you a new love of life.

The angelic realm can be invited into your home surrounding you with their love and pure light. I can energetically  fill your home with scents that you love and crystal energies which are your favourite too. 

Channelled messages may come through to advise on small changes you can make to clear old energies which are blocking you in some ways. 


Objects within your home may hold sadness or other energies which are good to clear.  It can also clear the energy from the old owners and create boundaries on neighbouring properties.


If you want to move on from the past whether it be from a divorce, bereavement or a trauma of some kind then this energy clearing can be like a reset button to start over again.

An energetic clearing of you home can bring on transformation in all areas, so your home environment is at one with you, energizing and empowering your life.

You do not have to do anything during this session as I connect to your homes energy.  I may request some photos of your space, the rest I do using my rare psychic gifts.

This is a great session to reset your life and your lifestyle, it can be a wonderful fresh start.  

"Jo carried out an energy clearing on my home and it has been incredible.  Since the clearing my home has felt completely different and a much happier place.  It has been an oasis of calm and I have been much more relaxed.  I have been inspired to change a couple of things which I had been stuck on and I feel much more confident making those changes.  I have also taken advice from the channelled messages Jo passed on and have ordered some bits to add those extra magic touches to my home"

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