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Intuitive Soul Healing session

Jo Allen psychic medium, angel whisperer

"A healing session with Jo is an amazing experience.  She works closely with the angels to clear blocks, ancestral patterns, past life experiences, cleanse chakras and much, much more"

Intuitive soul healing session

Live one to one Session via Zoom

60 minutes

Intuitive Soul Healing Sessions can be life changing for the souls who reach out for my help.  I am always in awe of the power of the healing I am able to channel directly from Source, the Angels, Goddesses, Ascending Masters and beyond.  The compassion, warmth and love which they send through me is a truly beautiful experience.  Each time it leaves me in no doubt that the universe really wants the best for us and is supporting us in every way, but we need to be open to them to receive.


So often our body is trying to tell us things through injuries or illnesses, sadly so very often we choose not to listen until our bodies shout at us for help.  The messages from the extremely high vibration I channel can relay our bodies voice which is longing to be heard. They show us how our emotions are reacting and heal wounds from our past through soul retrieval or inner child work.  I am shown clear visons of the energy within my clients body and energy field, discovering blocked emotions held deep within so that the beings of light can send healing through.


Remotely, anywhere in the world I am able to channel pure powerful energy from Source, the angels and other beautiful light beings who step forward to help humans in times of need.  This is what makes my sessions so very unique as I am able to channel a huge variety of healing energies, many of which are of such extremely high vibration that other healers are not able to access.    I am a 'Keeper of the flames'.  This means I am able to use the violet flame and others to transmute and dissolve negative, fear-based energies from clients auras and chakras.   A block in their chakra can cause huge blocks in their wellbeing and self-growth.  If they have a tear in their aura this can allow their own energy to leak out and allow others energy to flood in.   Often, I use remote crystal healing which helps heal in so many unique ways.  This included in so many layers of life we may be unaware of, whether in this life, past life or ancestral lines. 


These powerful healing sessions are totally bespoke for each individual, they provide clients with healing for their hearts and souls.  With this amazing healing they are far stronger to deal with life's challenges, as well as helping them let go of past experiences so they can move forward greatly in their lives.  

Selection of areas which can be covered in an intuitive soul healing session

  • Provide powerful  remote healing through Energy Healing and Crystal Healing directly from Source, angels and the universe beyond our realms

  • Channel remote healing and messages to raise the vibration of client, re balancing and resetting it at a higher level

  • ​​Balance head, heart and soul.  Connecting the client to their heart and soul so they can be guided and comforted​​

  • Reunite the client with their true soul essence so they can harness their power and move forward with strength and courage​

  • Release locked grief which has held the client back, often they are unaware of how events in their life have held emotions and behavioural patterns ever since.

  • Connect client with their inner child

  • Channel messages from past loved ones in a caring and sensitive way

  • Give comfort to sadness from loss and grief.  Send healing love from Archangel Raphael to heal the clients heart

  • Review relationships, giving the  client a plan of action, strategies and methods to deal with certain relationships and events

  • Empower the client to be in control of opening and closing their heart space, to receive and give love in equal measures

  • Provide insights into relationships, re ran patterns and beliefs.  With this awareness can come reprogramming of these past behaviours

  • Provide enlightenment and spiritual information whilst offering actions and new approaches to areas of the clients life

  • Review the deep triggers for anxiety and fear, often that the client is unaware of

  • Highlight emotions which are controlling the clients decisions and provide balance for them

  • Listen to messages held within the body and channel the appropriate healing

  • Identify energetic cords and patterns from this life, past lives and ancestral.  Help the client cut these connections so they can freely move forward with their lives

  • Review and reassess past life, ancestral and soul contracts to give the client their own power back to live their life to the full

  • Help reconnect the client to their soul through soul retrieval.  Collecting fragments of their soul they have left in the past or through trauma, reuniting their soul  with them so they feel stronger, more complete and feel whole again

  • Energetically read the clients energy to discover where blocks are held in their aura or deep within themselves

  • Realign and clean chakra,  pin point messages and energetic blocks held deep within each of them which may have caused illness or pain

  • Align the 7 major chakra with the clients personal soul star and earth star to strengthen them, providing balance and power between each one

  • Clean aura, expand and strengthen it.  Archangel Michael can offer guidance and teaching in these areas to protect us from negative energies and create the boundaries we need in life

  • Locate and remove energetic cords and hooks around our energy fields whether from this lifetime or a past life.

  • Invoke the Violet Flame to burn away blocks around us or which are held deep within our subconscious so we are empowered and able to transform our lives. 


  • Send the client the love, reassurance and comfort from the angels and beyond


  • Connect the client with their own guardian angels and spirit guides.​​​​​


"I lived a life of living on eggshells.  My partners ability to sabotage any possibility for joy always baffled me.  For many years there were lots of signs that it was time to leave but I kept writing my own version of things to try and make it bearable.  For a long time I believed that it was my fault or that I was at least partly responsible for the ongoing misery.  I had been financially coerced for 17 years and the toxic misogyny was suffocating and destabilising every day.


After a particularly hideous Mother’s Day I made contact with Jo.  She helped me to believe that I had the strength to change my situation and enabled me to see brighter visions of the future.  After our first meeting I could feel my mindset shifting and I had the strength to see things as they really were.  It wasn’t easy but with Jo’s support and divine advice I was able to negotiate my way out of a situation that I thought I was stuck in for life. Her words helped me to keep faith even on the hardest of days.

I am now free of that toxic life and I don’t miss anything about it.  The world feels brighter and small daily tasks are enjoyable again.  The knots in my stomach are loosening and the looming gloom is fading. I thank the universe every day for sending Jo my way"

Alice Haynes - UK

"Jo Allen has the gift and power to lift your mind, heart, soul and wellbeing.  She will help to make your dreams, prayers and goals manifest.


If you are feeling stuck in life, going through difficult times or changes in life, as we all do at times.  Or if you want to open yourself to higher spiritual awakening to connect with a higher realm of life strengthening your feelings of hope and faith, and improve your understanding of your life events then Jo's sessions are perfect.


I want to share my experiences with Jo Allen :


Due to past events in my life from childhood to present, I felt blocked.  I was often confused with my feelings about relationships and even self worth. 


After having monthly and quarterly sessions with Jo, I am no longer confused and I don't blame myself for what I cannot control.  I have learned tools and resources to help calm me.  I have been redirected to focus on my life's  goals and happiness.  My soul is at peace and grounded with nature now.  I feel heavenly spirits and vibes guiding me.  I have been able to manifest and achieve my personal plans and goals, and open myself to accept love and positive relationships.  Importantly I now can recognize and remove toxic thoughts and relationships which do not serve my well being.  Because of Jo's guidance and help, I am now safe and have meaning and purpose, I am living my best life.  I am still learning but am on the high road and enjoying the journey called life, all thanks to Jo!

I encourage anyone to please invest in your own life with Jo, you will experience an enlightenment and open up a divine pathway to unlimited possibilities that will enhance every area of your life.  You will breath, sleep and feel better, appreciating every day.  Thank you Jo, words can never express my gratitude"

Stephanie USA

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