Seeing Angels

Since childhood I have seen angels and heard them whispering messages to me.  My first sighting of an angel was at school when I was 5 years old.  Sitting in the classroom I was aware of the sunlight shining brightly through the classroom window.  Staring into the mesmerising light I noticed the dust particles whizzing around and slowly a beautiful angel appeared.  It floated as if it was a hologram printed on glass.  If I had reached out, I knew my hand would go right through it and that it would disappear.

The first spirit I saw was when I was in my early teenage years.  It was at my grandma's house on the day of her funeral.  Walking into her home I saw her sitting in her favourite chair, as she sat in front of me. I wasn't scared, instead I was struck by how very happy and peaceful she looked with her beautiful smile.

Angel Soul Readings

Life as an empath

All though my life I was told I was too sensitive and too easily upset, so I grew up feeling that this was my greatest flaw.  I used to try to shut off from the angels messages and ignore the spirits that I saw, this became increasingly difficult with age.  In midlife I realised what I had been told was my greatest flaw was in fact my greatest gift and this realisation has changed my life.  Suddenly as I discovered I was an extreme empath, who felt the intense energy of other people even when they weren't by my side.  With this realisation I understood why I found life so very noisy, exhausting and difficult.  I was picking up on the worlds sensitivities more than my own.  At this point I embarked on a spiritual journey to understand my unique, powerful kaleidoscope of intuitive gifts.  I love using my own unique blend of these gifts within my sessions with clients worldwide. I now love helping others understand, accept and learn about their own gifts too.  With this knowledge their lives become empowered and enriched in ways they couldn't have imagined.

Jo Allen Angel Intuitive Healer
Jo Allen British Artist
Jo Allen Angel Psychic Medium Healer

where Intuition and Creativity connects

My grandma taught me the art of treasure hunting, together we would go to attic sales and would hunt out hidden curios which other people chose to ignore.  I would love finding tiny mementos from other peoples past, the more faded their glory the more they appealed to me and the more beauty they seemed to hold.  As a small child I could read the energy of old objects.  I would hold my tiny finds in my hand, very soon the object would make my hand feel hot or cold.  Then it would make me feel very happy or very sad.  I would have a vision of its history.  Later in life I realised I had the psychic gift of Psychometry to the extreme and that this is why I could read the energy within objects so very clearly.  I have had a lifetime of collecting curios, fascinated with the stories captured deep within each piece.  These tiny treasures have been the inspiration for my creativity whether it be in my photographic art which I license worldwide or my written work where I channel riddles and rhythms from the psychometry of the treasures.


Now I am able to use this powerful gift of psychometry to channel the beautiful energy of crystals through my remote healing work.

I grew up in a creative home with parents who were both artists and who loved surrounding themselves with antiques which inspired their creativity.  Before I could write a sentence I could draw profusely.  As an adult I tapped into my love of creativity with studies and a career in Visual Merchandising.  I became a Manager in charge of this in a huge Oxford Street, London store.  The extensive knowledge I gained there I now share with clients in my Business Branding Sessions.


I live in the English countryside with my husband and three children,  our home is filled with keepsakes and mementoes from happy times.  I have the confidence in who I am as I always know my angels and my spirit guides are closely by my side guiding me through life.