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Jo Allen Intuitive Soul Healer, Berkhamsted, Jo Allen Beyond Angels, angels, healer, psych
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I have seen angels since childhood and spirits since my teens.  My very strong sixth sense has enabled me to always feel the energies in the environment I am in and remotely.  As a small child I could see and hear the energy held within objects as I held them in my hand, here my psychic gift of Psychometry began.  My grandma taught me the art of treasure hunting, of finding long forgotten curios which went unnoticed to the rest of the world.  I  loved their deep patina, their faded glory and the stories their energies held.

My unique view of the world we all live in means I see energy as colours, shapes and forms.  My contemporary art incorporates all my unique, psychic gifts.  I channel the messages from the universe through brush stokes, colour, letting glorious light beings paint their art through me.  Opening my third eye, I let the universe build sculptures which powerfully connect straight to our hearts and souls.

I have the rare gift of being able to look at a photograph, immediately my thoughts and feelings are transported to the time when the photo was taken.  I am able to clearly read the environment, the relationship of the people and the story behind that particular moment in time.  When I look at photographs of objects I can read the energetic history held deep within them too.

The spiritual journey I have taken has been very unique.  I am self taught, loving and honouring my connection to other layers of the universe.  As a child, teenager and young adult I was always told my sensitivity was my greatest flaw whereas actually it is my greatest gift.  For this reason I now love to help my clients all over the world to understand their own unique sensitivities and speed up their own spiritual journey of self discovery.

Readings at the freud museum london

Freud museum, Freud Museum London, Jo Allen Beyond AngelsJo Allen
Freud museum London, Jo Allen, Jo Allen Beyond Angels, Psychometry readings
Freud museum London Jo Allen Beyond Angels Jo Allen Psychometry readings, Intuitive Healer


"Jo's gentle approach combined with her powerful connection to spirit makes for an extraordinary alchemy of healing and guidance"

Emma - UK

"Jo is an Alchemist who turned my tears into my gold"

Marie - uk

"Working with Jo Allen is transformative.  She is such a bright light and her connection with the angels is true, deep and powerful.  Just one session with change your life forever.  I feel so blessed and appreciative to have connected with her.

Angie - USA

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