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Art Bio

"Jo Allen channels light codes and spirit to create contemporary works that explore the liminal space between the world we exist in, and the ethereal unknown.  With psychometry at the core of the creative practice, Allen's unique artworks take the shape of painting, photography, sculpture and installation, offering the viewer a step into an otherworldly experience" 

678 Child[2694].jpg

'A portal awaits' - Acrylics

20211117_115651[2151] - Copy.jpg
20211122_102845[2143] - Copy (2).jpg

"Upon a surface I lay objects, I let them sing and dance and move around.  The dust has now lifted and the magic has began".

Jo Allen

My art has been featured on BBC London News, in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and Period Living magazine.  I have exhibited in various museums and London galleries.

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