Best Friends
Stolen moments

"Upon a surface I lay objects, I let them sing and dance and move around.  The dust has now lifted and the magic has began".

Fly Away

Since childhood I have collected curios from the past and have the very special natural gift of Psychometry which enables me to receive psychic messages from objects.  As a small child I would spend many hours treasure hunting with my grandmother.  While walking home I would hold the treasure in my hand and picture the person who first bought it in the shop, the object would make me feel happy or sad depending on its past history.  This childhood skill has been the inspiration for my art.  I use my wonderful gift of Psychometry when creating bespoke artwork for clients with their personal keepsakes and mementos.  Each individual piece is unique and has the essence of the person who owned the keepsakes woven into it.  The artwork can be to celebrate someones life, special occasion or memories.  I also offer the chance for a client to have a piece of art created for them following their Angel Soul Reading, this very special piece can be a celebration of the person or a portrait of them through my art.

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Before having my children, my studies and my career was in Visual Merchandising in a London store. This is where I learnt the art of beautifully curating and displaying objects.

After focusing on bringing up my children I had an extremely vivid psychic vision of a piece of art.  It was like nothing I had ever seen anywhere before.  The image was so very clear that I felt I must quickly reproduce what I had seen in this vision.  It showed a collection of Victorian handwritten letters falling through a post box onto the door mat and the words 'Thank You' appeared on wooden blocks and scattered across the fallen post.  This very piece was the very first image which I licensed and the image was manufactured into greetings cards worldwide for several years.  At the time that I produced this piece my licensing company had no idea what this form of art was called, they had never seen anything like it before.  Only in more recent years with the rise of social media has this form of art been produced and named 'flat lay art'  Since this first piece I have licensed my art worldwide to be manufactured on artwork, tableware, stationery, ceramics and jigsaws.

My art is featured in Spirit and Destiny Magazine July 2019.  As well as Period Living magazine and on BBC London News.   I have exhibited in various museums and London galleries.

More of the story behind my art can be found @RareRadish Instagram.

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