Pleiadians Divine Healing session


"This beautiful session was like a sparkly energy that Jo transmitted through the stars.  My energy lifted automatically, together with new sparks of clarity, inspiration and direction"

If you feel weary, stuck or of heavy heart then this magical session is for you.  In this 30 minute session nothing will be required from you but a photo of yourself which you email to me.  You can rest in your home while the beautiful healing of the Pleiadians comes through especially for you.  Let the Pleiadians abundant, bright light burn away unseen blocks and lift your heart in  gorgeous unique way.


These sessions were created by the Pleiadians.  They instructed me to place the clients photo in the centre of a special ring of flint stones.  Each of these stones from the forest is attuned with an energy the Pleiadians will send to you during this session.  Within this magical grid alchemy will occur.  Here the Pleiadians will send you their healing power and light.  This is channelled uniquely through me to clear your energy field, lighten your load and send you pure love as a golden gift to your heart.

I love the very special connection I have with the Pleiadians and I felt honoured when they asked me to add this healing session to my offerings.  They are of such high vibration and such pure intense light. So often, we humans are starseeds and long for a connection with our spiritual home.  Let this offering be the start of your journey to connect with the Pleiadians, to lift your vibration to another level and welcome more joy as well as happiness into your life.  The healing energy of the ancient flints can connect you more to the earth and ground you in this moment.

The Pleiadians have instructed that I offer these sessions now to coincide with the huge amount of light they are sending into the world at the moment.  If you or someone you love fancies a beautiful nourishing 'Pick me up' with no effort at all then this offering is the perfect one for you.

Please note, very intense healing energy will be remotely sent to you in this session and for this reason the Pleiadians have guided me to channel their energy for 30 minutes at a time.  Their instructions were that if you wish, you can have more sessions spaced one day in between.  Also although the session is 30 minutes they recommend you allow 30 minutes after to rest and realign yourself. 

For your safety, like with any energy work you should not be driving or doing anything during your session which requires your concentration.


"I was lucky enough to have a fabulous remote Pleiadians Healing Session and it was something truly special. 

The light and healing that came through was beautiful and had an amazing positive effect on the whole family.

During the session my kids and dogs came to sit with me.  We laughed and chatted, feeling at ease.  They weren't aware that any healing took place.  Interestingly at the end of the 30 minutes the kids walked off and did their own thing.  It was like they were under a spell that brought us all together and when they had received the healing they went back to what they were doing.

Since the session I have been feeling so much brighter and better.  I feel like I have a clean slate and a different outlook.

It was so powerful and gentle at the same time.  I have found trust, love and light from being shown by wonderful Jo.

Thank you Jo.  Your abilities and amazing sessions have made such an incredible difference to me and my family".