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speed healing sessions


"This beautiful session was like a sparkly energy that Jo transmitted through the stars.  My energy lifted automatically, together with new sparks of clarity, inspiration and direction"

Speed healing session

Energetic connection only

60 minutes

Messages sent through via Email

Soul healing - gives you enlightenment, love and support

This session is designed for those who feel they need powerful healing from Source without the need to connect with me as the facilitator.  This session is a wonderful way to remove blocks, get life back on track and move forward powerfully.  The session provides enlightenment, love and support whilst you either to rest at home or carry out gentle activities (driving or safety activities not recommended).  This occurs gently, calmly and with so much love from the angels and the healing energy can be felt for days or weeks afterward as they connect a client to their soul.

Through meditation I connect with the client’s energy remotely, intuitively guided by Source and particularly Archangel Raphael.  While I channel the beautiful healing energy of Source and the angels very often other energies step forward to help. Examples of these are Goddess Isis, Venus, Quan, Brigit, St Germain and the Pleiadeans.  This is what makes these sessions so very unique.  My connection to Source and light beings is so very strong, I use them as my guides as they instruct me on the healing to be sent. Each one is a truly magical experience and provide a huge amount of healing for just in just an hour’s session.


I will ask some basic details from you before the session, such as full name, location and reason for the healing session. I will email you when I start the session so that you know the process has started. During the session the messages and words of wisdom that come through are recorded in my notes and email them to the client at the end.



  • Huge amount of soul healing and mindset blockage removal


  • Vibration raising, rebalancing and resetting it at a much higher level


  • Balance of head, heart and soul


  • Release of locked grief which has held one back


  • Connection or reconnection with their inner child


  • Comfort from loss and grief


  • Restore peace, calm and clarity


  • Provide courage and strength especially at difficult times


  • Clear and energize chakra and aura


  • Cut energetic hooks and cords (with Archangel Michael)


  • Reprogram client’s energy field clearing past live and ancestor lines


  • Remove old blueprints of behaviour brought forward from past lives


  • Clear old wounds or traumas from this lifetime and past lives


  • Soul retrieval from this lifetime and past lives


  • Call back and reconnect all your scattered or fragmented energy


  • Connect you energetically with your guardian angels and spirit guides


  • Invoke the Violet Flame or other flames to transmute and dissolve lower energies


  • Closing with a huge amount of love from the angels and Source to heal your soul

"Since the session I have been feeling so much brighter and better.  I feel like I have a clean slate and a different outlook.

It was so powerful and gentle at the same time. I have found trust, love and light from being shown by wonderful Jo.

Thank you Jo. Your abilities and amazing sessions have made such an incredible difference to me and my family".

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