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As an intuitive healer I am totally guided directly by Source, the angels and beyond.  I have the rare ability to shift through different time lines and dimensions with ease.  This enables me to clear karmic patterns, blocks and past lives with great speed.  As a keeper of the flames I am in a rare position that I can transmute and dissolve energies around people that have held them back from reaching their potential, healing both their auras and their chakras remotely.  Since childhood I have had the gift of being very able in all areas of clairsenses and this is the key to my unique healing sessions.  I find it quite difficult to describe exactly what I do as its so very high vibration but I know it works amazingly to transform peoples lives.  Included here on my website are a lot of customers testimonials as their own words describe how my sessions have helped each of them. 


As a very powerful channel I am able to send strong healing to people all around the globe.  This is my own unique blend of energy and crystal healing which works with both amazing strength and speed.

Please note 15 minutes before and after each session I will meditate to connect, then disconnect with the clients energy.


Jo Allen Angel Whisperer psychic medium,

Intuitive healing sessions


Speed Healing session


Crystalline healing sessions

Home energy clearing

Home energy clearing sessions


Spiritual mentoring


Wonderful gift of an Intuitive Soul Reading or a Healing Session.  Choose between 60 and 30 minutes timings.  Via Zoom. Valid for 12 months from purchase.

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