Goddess healing sessions

"I was lucky enough to experience one of Jo's incredible remote crystal healing sessions and wanted to say how amazing it has been for me.  I have recently left a job that was making me unhappy and have been struggling with everything going on around me.  I felt like I needed some guidance and wanted to feel more confident about the future. 

As a remote healing session it was perfect for me as I have a chaotic life of home schooling.  It meant I could just let Jo work her magic and enjoy the benefits. 

I was excited about the session as this was something I hadn't heard of before and I loved the idea of my own crystal grid created just for me, as well as receiving messages from Goddess Isis.

I would highly recommend this session for anyone who feels that they need some clarity on their future as well as healing from their past.  Afterwards I felt like the weight of a lot of things had been lifted from me and I felt really so much lighter.

Since the session I have made time to be creative and have been able to visualise clearly the future I want so much more.  I have started to believe in myself and my dreams more, realising I can step into my dream future if I trust myself".

Crystal healing session with Goddess Isis

Sometimes in life we may want to receive the gift of healing without having to connect or speak to the healer. 

These uniquely beautiful remote Goddess healing sessions can offer us a powerful, empowering alternative to my Angelic Healing sessions.  They provide love, comfort and support whilst you either to rest at home or carry out gentle activities (driving or safety activities not recommended). 

Whilst channelling the beautiful healing energy of Goddess Isis, the angels and pure, beautiful source energy, I set up a crystal grid just for you.  This grid consists of crystals which the spirit guides know will deeply help with your healing at this time.  Over meditation, by the magical crystal grid, I am able to channel its warm, strong energy remotely to the you.  Words of wisdom or healing messages will come up during the session which I take note of.  The combination of this wonderful healing strength from source and that of the crystal grid can give you great strength, calm and clarity to move forward in your life, breaking free from things in your past.  

Your life can be greatly affected not only by this lifetime but also by reoccurring patterns in past lives and your ancestral line too.  You can have a feeling of being fragmented or scattered in the world now as you have carried energetic stories forward from the multiple other lifetimes.  This fragility means you can feel exhausted or unable to live your life to your true potential.  You can feel unable to fulfil your dreams.  The spirit guides have the ability to locate and highlight where these lost pieces of you are.  They then have the power to connect you with them once more.  The result can be that you feel complete and ready to live your life to the full.


Each magical session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes. I will ask for some basic details from you before the session, such as full name, location and reason for the healing session. I will email you when I start the session so that you know the process has started.  After connecting with source, I create your bespoke crystal grid and then meditate over it, sending the healing energy to you remotely wherever in the world you are.  Finally I email you with a photo of your grid with guidance of the crystals chosen and with messages which have come through especially for you.

All information and advice given either on this website, or within private sessions with me are intended for guidance only.

You are reminded at all times that ultimate choice and decision belongs to you, and whilst I am happy to offer any help I can, this is not intended as any substitute or replacement for any legal, medical, financial or other advice, that you may need to take.

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