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Angel and oracle cards I love

People are often curious about which cards I use for readings and how the process works for me.

Let me first explain how my Angel Soul Readings work. I always explain I am not a tarot card reader. When the client joins me for a reading I am in my psychic zone already I have grounded myself and have invited the angels into my space. I receive information in the form of very clear, focused visions, messages whispered in my ear, tastes, smells and even emotions felt through my body. I open my psychic awareness up and am the channel for the angels and my other spirit guides to send the messages to help the clients.

Each reading is so very different, with different angels, spirit guides and goddesses stepping forward. My own spirit guides I describe as an eclectic mixture of beautiful messengers who have stepped forward to help me help the world. During my Soul readings different angels and spirit guides step forward to help.

As an intuitive healer I am able to read people's energy in and around them so there is often an offering of healing to the client during the reading too. Clients often comment on how the sessions are from a very high vibrational source so the session is very magical and not like anything they have experienced before. The readings have a wonderful way of clearing deep routed blocks or cutting the cords attaching us to the past. The angels can look into our souls and help us by looking into our past, our future and us in this moment. They give balance to our head, heart and soul too.

The angels use the oracle cards as clarification on their visions and messages. I use a whole range of different cards totally dependent on each client. Anyone who has seen my Instagram Live readings will know I am led by the angels to pick different cards from different oracle packs depending on the message or the energy of the client. I often don't stick to one set of cards but mix and match within the reading. The angels instruct me as to whether it is the picture on the card, the words or even the energy I read from each card which is the message required to pass on. ~There is nearly always a thread running through the cards picked which can give the reading even more clarity and strength.

Here are a few of my favourite sets at the moment. 'Angels and Ancestors' by Kyle Gray - I find this set gives me very clear, precise messages which are really strong and grounded. 'Work your light' by Rebecca Campbell - these beautiful images connect so well with people's hearts and souls in a gentle, soft, reassuring way. 'Oracle of Mystical Moments' by Catrin Welz- Stein - I love these cards so much, the art is beautiful, quirky and humorous, the messages the angels whisper to me with these delightful cards are like stories or fairy tales, just magical.


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