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To Journal - Getting your voice on to paper.

The angels ask how are you? Have you stopped recently and seen how far you have come? Have you paused and thought how recently you’ve found strength within you that you never dreamt you had.

They whisper you have done so well. So much has happen in the world in such a short time.

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To journal my dreams

Recently I was woke in the middle of the night with a view of my journal, a little brown paper leaved notebook which lies on my desk. The angels offer this idea may give others hope and healing too. I have found to clear thoughts out of my head and put them onto paper very calming, comforting and helped focus my mind. It has given me moments of escapism too.

There can be no right or wrong way to use a journal and the angels say it may not suit all but they just waved my little notebook in the air in this vision and asked that I offer you it now.

Your little book could be filled with rainbow colours, with random pens and crayons used. Crammed with cut out vivid coloured pictures which you’ve cut and stuck in.

It could be filled with nostalgia, or sepia photos from ancestors and past loved ones with messages written by ink pen.

Or it could be an orderly account of feelings and emotions all written in straight lines, making sense of these moments of fear and panic we may have.

Basically, the book can just 'be". There is no perfect way. There is no right way. There is just your way and that’s the magic of it all.

The evolving, unravelling of your journal can be something for you to enjoy. It can be like a little journey in your dreams, like a little boat at sea. Don’t worry about the destination or be guided by what judgement may tell you to do. Just sit with your little journal. Imagine you are in the little boat holding it tight. Look up to the sky to the sunshine or stars and scribble your feelings, your hopes and your dreams down. Then when you feel enough has been said that day close it tight. Let your journal patiently wait till you feel your headspace full again. Like an old friend it will not question you as to why you haven’t written in it or layer guilt at your door for your absence. Instead it will lie silently, just in case. Just in case you fancy opening it and writing in it once more.

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My collection of journals, always space for one more!

The angels would like to offer you a few random bullet points of ideas. These are not gospel, they are not definite plans. They are just little ideas which might inspire, questions for you to write upon each page:

  • How do you feel today?

  • What are your dreams and aspirations?

  • Where do you long to be?

  • Name five things from your childhood you disliked and five that you loved too

  • Little things of gratitude that you have noticed today

  • What 5 things are your greatest gifts, however small

  • If you could go back to one particular time or place where would it be, who would sit by your side?

  • What have you missed most in your recent isolation?

  • What clothes make you happy? Why?

  • Which characters in fiction would you be?

The joy of journaling for me is each book is like a little journey, a journey in your head. When you start the book you may have no idea where your destination is, but no worries instead just enjoy the journey page by page.

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A tiny notebook is always by my side to catch my creative ideas

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