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Crystals for self love

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

As I sat in the woods Mother Gaia guided me to share my knowledge on how crystals can provide us with self love.

She said “Let crystals now be used in a very different way, a very bespoke way and a very gentle but also powerful way. Let them speak to your heart, soul and intuition rather than being led by the crowd on what the collective says.

Let particular ones sooth your soul, let others heal your heart and let some grow your intuition in every which way.

Let them give your clarity, reassurance, comfort and joy”

My relationship with crystals is very different to other peoples. I have had the gift of psychometry from a very young age. As a child when I held an object in my hand I could immediately feel, see and hear its energetic history. I used to take great comfort holding curios in my hand or popping them under my pillow if their energy made me feel calm or happy. This psychic gift I now use to connect very closely to crystals. I love to connect to the crystals myself, hearing their individual messages, working out how they can help me and clients in my own unique way. The following crystals I feel are my own ‘Go to’ crystals for self love.


When I hold this crystal and close my eyes, I see a vison of Dorothy’s Ruby slippers from the ‘Wizard of Oz’ and I hear “There's no place like home”. Generously I find this crystal will take me anywhere I choose in meditation and it feels somehow like coming home. To me it seems a solid, heavy crystal which has a beautiful feeling like a huge hug from a loved one or an old friend. It is such a heartwarming crystal, a real gift from God. It has an abundance of energy which fills my heart with gentle joy and calmly reassurance.

Lay a piece of it on your heart and imagine those warm, generous ruby rays filling your heart chakra. Let them flow gently around the front of your heart, warming it to the core. Welcome them into the back of your heart, feel it great warmth and love, for this is from where your wings grow.

"Let it heal your heart and open your wings" it whispers to me.


This is a beautiful crystal to hold, it feels quite light in comparison to ruby. I feel it is very close to Archangel Raphael's heart, it is like a comforting kiss from them to us. A huge amount of healing for me comes through from emerald, its energy is soft but also has great inner strength too. Like the Emerald City in the “Wizard of Oz” its holds great hope, the feeling of expansion and what could happen if you dreamt really big. It can provide us with choices for the heart, rather than being led or told what you should do.

I find it is an opening crystal, it allows you to heal but also allows you to grow at your own speed too. Magical powers are held within, if I take it into the woods it seems to expand and connect with the earth. Goddess Brigid, the fairies and the fae love working with its gorgeous energy too. Emerald works really well in harmony with ruby. Beautifully they provide great equilibrium and balance.


This inexpensive and underrated crystal is one of my all-time favourites. Energetically calm, this is a must for your heart. It’s so very soft and gentle, its energy feels so pure like soap. A huge amount of universal light floods in if you hold it in your hand and welcome its rays in. Great at purifier of old wounds and trauma, it diffuses them all slowly but very surely.

Selenite placed on any of your chakras allows Gods light into your life and opens blocked energetic path ways. The light it provides is very high vibrational making it such a calming angelic crystal. Sometimes I literally can hear angels singing when I hold it in my hands. It will support you in difficult times and gives you permission to love yourself for who you really are. If you feel tearful or grief stricken it is a beautiful up lifter, allowing the emotions to flow through you in a gentle manner.

During meditation imagine you are sitting within a selenite cathedral which baths you in its uplifting, powerful light. Give it permission to clear your heart of old heart wounds and ask it to fill your heart with such great hope. Please know as you hold selenite the angels are always nearby.


This is a very magical crystal indeed. I work with it in so many different ways during healing sessions, sometimes I work with the angels or goddesses with it but also Merlin too. As I am a Keeper of the Violet flame, I often use the amethyst crystal with the intense flame. I invite the violet amethyst rays into the clients energy fields to burn low vibrational, negative energy away transmuting it into something lighter and brighter.

If you feel emotionally drained, out of sorts, lonely and sad then amethyst is a fantastic heart healer. It invites the purple light of magic and manifesting into your life, but you do have to believe in it. This is a crystal which loves to connect to you and will work out exactly what heart healing you need.

While meditating with Amethyst, hold it on your heart and imagine those violet rays flooding in. Allow it to feed all those lonely voids you may have in your heart, healing and inviting new love of life in.

"Amethyst builds big dreams in the future if only you believe" it whispers to me.

Flower Agate

Lay this crystal on your heart and allow it to connect you to your true essence. This solid, grounding yet soft crystal will provide you with the love of Mother Gaia. It’s as if she steps forward to give us a huge hug but also to connect us to the magic of nature and the fae. Allow it to connect you to your hearts in past lives so you feel more complete and less lonely in this lifetime. It tempts us to make fresh starts, giving us the confidence to stand alone sometimes. First it helps us heal our old wounds then it supports us to move on.

Lay a piece of flower agate on your heart giving it the permission to peculate its beautiful energy around your heart and body. If you feel light headed or ungrounded hold it in your hand to give you support. It’s a soft gentle stone which is oven overlooked but it really wants to help you heal your heart. It’s like it holds its arms open wide, patiently waiting to be asked to help us heal.

Rose Quartz

This is an all-time favourite of everyone! It’s a beautiful crystal whether raw or shaped providing us with joyful unconditional love. I really associate Archangel Jophiel with rose quartz as I often see this crystals energy around her as we work together during sessions. It encourages harmony and calm, asking us to open our hearts to receive far more love. It gently gives us the permission to receive the love we truly deserve and to see beauty in ourselves. When I hold it in my hand, I see a vison of sweet cherubs showering us with kisses, they are sending love letters down to us from heaven to heal our hearts and souls.

If you would love to experience the healing power of crystals then I offer a magical Crystalline Healing Session. In this unique 60 minutes I build a crystal grid especially for your needs and send the powerful energy to you anywhere in the world. Only an energetic connection is needed so you can rest at home while the healing energy comes straight to you.


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