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Getting to know mother Gaia

Gaia is the goddess who is the mother of all things and the earth. Often she is referred to as Mother Nature. She has so much power and strength, providing us with amazing protection, but is very nurturing too. She is the spiritual guide who can connect us at a spiritual level with our planet that we call home.


For me, working with Mother Gaia is so very special. I love the unique connection we have together. She makes me feel totally at one with nature, at one with who I truly am and at one with the world around me. I love working with her and the angels to help my clients all over the world fulfil their greatest potential.


I feel totally at home when I channel her messages or her warm, abundant healing energy. She has given me her special permission to work with her beautiful light to help others at this time of ascension. During my Speed Healings she often steps forward with the angels to help heal deep wounds from our childhood and past lives, grounding us in the present time rather than allowing our inner thoughts to run back to traumatic times.


Sometimes I see her as a beautiful lady in a long green dress, either walking by my side or standing close to me in the woods. Other times I see her as an orb of fresh, green light. I hear her messages so clearly but feel her close to me too. I would describe it like the loving nurturing energy of a mother watching over her child. For this reason I always feel very grounded and reassured by her calm, warm energy in her presence.


Mother Gaia's energy is like a flourishing green forest, it is lush, abundant, full of potential and growth. She encourages us to be flexible, fluid and willing to adapt to change which is so very useful in these difficult times.


In her presence I feel hopeful, inspired and fulfilled as she allows us freedom to be truly who we are and opens up abundant opportunities for growth.


I connect with Gaia through walks in nature, gardening, holding grounding crystals I have attuned to her energy and playing my shamanic drum. Her energy always feels like an abundant hug from the universe to both reassure and support me in every way.

There are so many crystals through which I personally connect with Mother Gaia. As a very basic guide green, earthy coloured ones are perfect. I have a very large chrysoprase crystal ball which I have attuned to her vibration and I often use this in my Speed Healing sessions to connect the client to their soul purpose and ground them in the moment. A few other crystals are green obsidian, moss agate, garden quartz, amber, jaspers, smoky quartz and faden quartz.

Gaia is a most beautiful spirit guide to work with as connecting with nature and our world give us an inner confidence, and abundance of wisdom and great healing at the same time.


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