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Are you ready to receive the love from Goddess Venus?

I hope you are well and survived the last full moons energy! For me it was more powerful than any moon I can remember. It dug so very deep into my energy field, whether I wanted to or not it made me review, question and reprogram so many things in my life. Since the full moon Goddess Venus has been with me constantly, she has seemed to protect me during this new phase of my life and I have felt her love all around me. Interestingly her love is very different from the Angels. The love they send me is pure, white, clean and fresh, it is such a high vibration sent directly from heaven. Whereas the love I receive in abundance from Venus has more warmth, I feel it as being cosy, comforting and very pink. To me it feels like it is sent from half way between heaven and earth. It is more like the love from humans but has no story to it, no hidden agenda, no expect for anything in return. Like that sent from the angelic realm it is pure, unconditional love.

Yesterday Goddess Venus stepped forward and wanted me to channel her beautiful messages as well as healing on my Instagram live! The night before she sent me very clear visions instructing me on a crystal grid she wanted me to build for the people who joined in the live so I could send the healing energy to everyone that joined in. Both the combination and the arrangement of the crystals was very different to any I have been instructed to build by the Angels or Ascending Masters before. It intrigues me how each grid I build is so unique and the energy so powerful in different ways. Interestingly I am using crystals more and more in all of my sessions. Since childhood I have had an amazing connection to the energy of objects and this rare skill of Psychometry I now use within my crystal healing with transformative effect.

The unique powerful, formation of this grid layout both fascinated and intrigued me. I’ve never been instructed to place a the triangle of crystals around the main crystal as in is unique to the Venus grid. Each of the three clear quartz shards had a word attached to it to use if we chose as an affirmation moving forward in our lives. “FUN, FREEDOM AND FAITH” were the instructions from Venus. She offers us to rethink all our actions. She asks us to seek out moments of fun (however small), find freedom (even in areas of your life where you may feel trapped) and to keep the faith (in yourself as well as the universe). Wherever you are right now is the right place today. You truly can change your life in amazing ways. You may need to reach out for help, learn new skills and change elements within your life. She whispers in a beautiful, soft, loving way “Be curious to how your life could possibly change and be open to different opportunities and new perspective on things. Rather than building restrictions and barriers to your growth, open your arms to welcome love, forgiveness and compassion from the universe in to your life today”.

Sending you love, light and blessings from Goddess Venus today.


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