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Cast a spell on your heart and soul

As I stood in the woods this week, being watched by deer and surrounded by the beautiful autumn colours I wrote this blog on my phone. Included in it is a powerful channelled message direct from Source.

"Does your head rule over your heart? Does your soul lie deep within you wanting to be heard?

Stop your thoughts for a moment. Go into your heart space hidden within. For it holds so many beautiful answers there. If you sit with it in silence let it past you all your destinies keys.

Your head and your thoughts run away with the outer worlds worries, most of which you cannot change or control. But the biggest secret I have discovered through my deep connection with the universe is that your heart and soul both hold SO much pure power. They cut to the chase. They know why you are here and what you should do. They only speak the words of compassion, love and empath to you and the world. Their opinion is life changing in every which way.

Through all the self help spiritual books I have read no one has got me to understand this hidden jewel with such great depth as right now. Here, in this message channelled as I stand surrounded by the abundant golden leaves on the ground, suddenly all becomes clear.

"When in doubt or in heavy fear, stop a moment and go within. Place your left hand on your heart and ask what it longs for you to hear. Do you feel any flickers of your internal flame? Do you hear any murmurs of love from within? No worries if you don't, for this connection is like a muscle which needs to be exercised. Especially if you have always been told to lock your heart away and show no emotions to the world. Just saying "Hi" to your heart may be enough of a connection right now.

Then place your right hand on your solar plexus, see your tummy as a universe of deep hidden stories, of riddles and rhymes from this life, past lives, ancestral stuff and a lot of other peoples old fairy tales too.

Your soul may take time to connect with. It may be amazed that you have asked its opinions or said a few words. Your soul will love you to connect with it. It will cuddle you and keep you warm. It will guide you every single day. So see that you are never actually alone. Externally in the ethereal world you have the angels and your spirt guides standing closely around you in every which way. Internally you have your heart and soul keeping you warm".


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