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Choices are there for us all

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

At this moment do you may feel time is running away from you or that time has stopped in some strange way?

The angels offer us a different perspective on our lives. There may be huge obstacles, massive changes and great unknowns right now. We may feel we have little control or idea of our destiny but the angels say one thing we do have is a choice as to how we react to certain circumstances or to other people’s behaviour.

Do we choose to focus on what we usually are able to do, or plans we had once made? Or do we focus on new unexpected horizons and experiences? In these present times I myself have noticed the abundant gifts of nature like never before. These gifts may normally go unseen or unappreciated, suddenly I have great appreciation for them all. Bird song, clouds in the sky or even the direction of the wind has made me acutely aware of my surroundings like never before.

I have seen recently for many of my clients and myself that we are being shown very clearly what we want and want we no longer want in our lives anymore. It is as if we are being shown our lives in black and white, very polarised. Situations, environments and people are being shown to us as very light or very dark. With this view we can start making decisions as to areas of our lives where we can make changes. Releasing dark unwanted things, we may have carried far too long as great burdens, then gives us beautiful space to collect more light, bright, shiny experiences or relationships instead. As we are being shown areas of our life which no longer resonate or make us happy, we have the choice to change our world through how we view it and how we react.

As I write this the angels show me a vision of humans hammering at the usual, normal mainstream doors (experiences) we are used to. We have always entered these doors before so almost without thinking we expect them to quickly open wide. Right now, these doors remain firmly shut. This causes us frustration, confusing, resentment and even anger for this block in our normal, predicted, planned path. But now the angels show us turning and looking elsewhere. This has stopped us in our tracks. We turn our back on these shut doors and with curiosity we look elsewhere. Interestingly this, the angels whisper is where the new opportunities of joy, fulfilment, abundance and enlightenment hide. The angels hold a choice of keys for you to try, to open new doors, to enter new rooms and to heal your soul garden too.


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