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Clearing spirits from a home

Since childhood I have seen things unseen… angels, spirits, loved ones who have crossed over. Have you sensed there is something beyond the physical realm with you in your home? If you would like me to connect with the nonphysical inhabitants or just be sure the energy of your home in flowing and clear, I offer a Home Energy Clearing using my unique psychic gift.

I am able to connect to the energy of people and places remotely all over the world. For a Home Energy Clearing all I need is a few photos of the property and its location in order to experience the energy of the location. I connect with the angels and from there we start our magical work through psychic messages, visions, words, feelings and even smells.

During these remote sessions I am able to clear heavy, stuck energy which we can feel but can’t see. I can reset the space so the client can have a beautiful fresh start, see their home in a different light and feel uplifted of heart when they enter it again. It can give them a different perspective on their home, lifting their confidence and give them a new love of life.

Recently a lady reached out to me who had some concerns with her home, her friend had recommended my services. Both the lady and her daughter had seen and felt spirits around their home. She said the atmosphere in there was unpleasant, yet it was a lovely modern house.

The instant I connected to the energy of the house; I could clearly see two rooms were particularly in need of my attention.

There was so much work for me to do within the session! I needed to clear and lift the vibration of the building as well as sending the spirits she had seen to the lovely light of heaven. These are not easy things to do and I quickly realized that the whole area around this home was an extremely busy thoroughfare for spirits wandering around. Through my visions I was shown that in ancient times the house and its close environment had been some kind of cross roads or junction where people had to decided which way to go. The spirits that the client had seen were lost and exhausted, wanting to find their way home to bed. I could see armies of spirits marching around the house. No wonder the house felt oppressing and the occupants couldn’t sleep at night!

I channelled the message from the angels that the house was back to front, the spirits were entering the back door and exiting the front. They were not associated with the house, they roamed the area generally, feeling rather lost and confused. As is often the case, the present house owner and her daughter were both highly sensitive so the spirits were attracted to their light and their love, visiting the house often for reassurance and comfort.

Very clearly, I saw two spirits outside the home by the front door. Repeatedly I saw they entered the back door and left by the front each time. On the left a male in army uniform like a Roman guard. On the right, a woman with a baby in her arms. Her clothes were of sacking material with a rope belt around her waist. Their lives were not related in anyway but were stuck and lost between heaven and earth. On that day, I asked the angels to guide them to the light and their exhausting travels were over at last.

With my unique gifts. I created strong protective boundaries so that all the other wandering spirits would go around the property and its grounds, rather than through it. The house is now filled with the angelic realm’s beautiful light and love. I could feel a massive shift in the energy of the house, a calm and peaceful energy filled the rooms. It became a light, bright space which the client’s family could enjoy at last. When I messaged the client afterwards, she confirmed she had seen the lady spirit I described too. She had sensed the lady spirit felt very sad and agitated.

After the session the client said it had been a peaceful and healing experience for her. She said that the house felt a lot less oppressive and quiet at night without the different spirits passing through. She actually slept a full night’s sleep without being disturbed which was brilliant news.

A few days after the session she found half rings of pure white feathers by the back and front door.


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