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Connecting with the angels

I feel so very lucky to have seen and sensed angels since childhood, I have felt their comfort always supporting me especially in lonely or sad times. It wasn’t until my midlife that I understood how to fully connect with them and how to listen extremely clearly to their messages. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and sometimes I wish I had understood much earlier how very magical and empowering connecting with them could be. But I do believe everything happens with perfect timing so obviously this connection was meant to happen at this time for me and that I feel is why I walk so closely to the angels now.

I love mentoring people to help them connect with the angels too. Each person has sensed in their own way that there is more to our lives than meets the eye. Often, they have seen angels or spirits as a child, but as they grew up they were taught by society that this could not be possible. They have each had a feeling there was more that our normal life, either through messages sent to their eyes, their ears or feelings deep within themselves.

Angels work under the spiritual law known as ‘free will’, they can’t help you without your permission unless it is in life threatening circumstances. Fear of the unknown often prevents people from listening to the angels. It is my experience that to connect with them is the most wonderful, powerful experience, it gives us strength to face challenges and guides us through our life path. The angels only offer us pure, light, bright love which can help us in so many ways. They can blow away the fog of fear that may surround us and help us navigate our way forward in life.

To hear the angels messages or to see their signs you have to be open and aware as well as believing that it could be possible. Quietness of your environment and your mind is pivotal. Whether it be sitting quietly and watching a candle burn, praying, meditating or daydreaming.

Often people start seeing the angels signs like white feathers or coins appearing in random places. For me when I notice the number 111 or see the time on the clock 11.11 I know that if I stop and listen the angels are standing extra close, with an important message for me. One of the first signs that the angels are trying to help us can be hearing a ringing in the ears, or a feeling that there is a pressure change in the ear drums a bit like when flying in an aeroplane. The air pressure seems to change when they are very near. For me I hear the angels wing feathers rustling or feel the air move around me from the angels wings beating. Also I can feel their presence just like if a human was standing by my side.

There are two books I recommend as a starting point to connect with the angels. I myself work totally intuitively guided by the angels so often with books I find one chapter may be of help and the rest does not resonate with me but these two books I loved.

The first book is ‘Angels, How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels’ by Kyle Gray. This is a sweet, softly written book which guides you through the experience of listening to angels.

The second book is ‘Angels in My Hair’ by Lorna Byrne which is a beautiful gentle biography of a lady who has seen angels and spirits since childhood. For me I found this book opened my eyes to what I had always really seen but was too scared to admit since I was a child.

Sometimes people may fear connecting with their angels but they will never harm you. They are standing near you quietly waiting to help should you ever reach out and call for them. In stressful situations I ask them to be very near me and support or protect me. When I feel anxious driving, I invite them into my car, as they sit with me, I immediately feel more confident and calmer. With them our lives can feel so much happier, fuller and enlightened too.


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