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Coping with Change

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

From childhood until quite recently I struggled with change. Maybe I felt this even more extremely as I am an empath, feeling other peoples emotions as well as my own. In adolescence I struggled with the whole idea of being an adult and went into great sadness at the idea of having to box away things I would always love whatever my age. I clung onto ever scrap of the past so as to not grow up too quickly.

Only quite recently I have realized that this distrust and uneasy feeling I had around any change in my life was in fact holding me back. I misguidedly thought that by clinging to how things had always been I was safe and secure when in reality I was STUCK! With this realization I suddenly could see life didn't need to be such a struggle, it didn't have to feel like I was wading through deep mud. As I released the cords I had tied too tightly around everything in my life I had space for new adventures and opportunities. Life seemed easier as I let the light of change in. I now imagine my life like an oak tree growing in the woods. The seasons are like the changes in my life. Sometimes I need quiet times in my life to build up energy for growth and expansion in the future. Like the autumn leaves falling I too have shed some things to let new life in.

A few things have helped me cope with recent changes in my life. The Bach Flower Remedy - Walnut as well as regular visits to a homeopathic doctor. The book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which a beautiful friend gave me has offered me a whole new way of looking on the world too. I have found the smell of lavender oil wonderful to calm my nerves when I have suddenly felt lost. For me, the smokey quartz crystal has provided me with clarity, comfort and great balance when I have held it in my hand and rose quartz has given me love and reassurance during times of change.

The angels are fantastic at guiding us through change and showing us the light of opportunity ahead of us. We have to allow change into our lives for us to move on and reach our dreams.

*After I had written this blog, I then asked the angels to pick a card at random to reinforce my words, it took my breath away when they chose this card 'Change of Seasons'. Just perfect.


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