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Facing fear and moving forward

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Fear for me is like an extremely hungry animal. It starts as a tiny acorn in your infant years. As we grow and collect experiences through our life so does fear grow. The more fearful we are, the more it grows in strength, taking over our everyday lives. The stronger it gets the more powerful it becomes, growing more and more intense. I know from my own experience it can stop us for filling our true potential and drains the joy out of our lives.

From childhood I, like many others was filled with fear by my parents, trying to keep me safe they pointed out things to be frightened of. This meant as I grew into an adult, I spent my whole time searching out things which scared me. I spent my wake hours checking far away into the atmosphere in all directions around me, checking that there was no reason for me to run away. So I was in fight or flight mode all the time. This pattern was extremely tiring and caused me health problems too.

With my spiritual awakening I have faced every fear as it popped up. I have had to question why I was so fearful of each energy or situation. Also, I have had to work out was it my fear or someone else’s fear. As an extreme empath I used to pick up everyone else’s emotions without realizing. Now I am wise to this and keep my energy to myself. I am learning to let other people’s emotions wash past me without them entering into my energy space. I have found a combination of homeopathic medicine, meditation, clearing exercises and Epsom salt baths a good way of clearing my energy space each day. On super sensitive days I turn off the TV and hide away as much is possible, I now have an understand that I am more sensitive than others and I have to deal with life differently to other people. That’s fine, that’s what makes me special and unique!

I have found amazing strength from knowing the angels are by my side all the time. When I feel apprehensive, I ask them for their support and protection. Before I have stepped onto a train and have seen the carriage not only filled with people but with angels too. This sight reassured me and calmed my nerves so much. Sometimes sitting in my car, I see the other spare seats filled with my guardian angels, watching over me. Often when I do readings, I see Archangel Michael standing right behind the client. He is so very tall and his wings gently wrap round the person. With his presence there is a beautiful bright blue light around him which floods onto the person he is taking care of. If you are feeling fearful try inviting Archangel Michael into your life. Light a candle, speak to him, ask him to cut the cords of the past which hold you back and give you the courage to help you move forward in life.

Angel soul readings can be an amazing way to connect with your own guardian angels and reassure you that you are never ever truly alone.

Fear is a natural thing to feel, it is when it overtakes us that we need to ask for help. Please don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, whether it be from a doctor, counsellors or Samaritans. Sometimes in readings the angels have sent me visions of these three professional with angelic wings on their backs and keys in their hands, as they can all help so much.

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This is so true about fear holding you back. That is something that I am working through every day. Since I had my angel reading I always try to picture the Angel's around me cheering me on and being like my little cheerleading crew!! Sometimes you need to feel like you have back up to push you through. I definitely will speak to the Archangel Michael, he sounds amazing.

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