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'Feel free'

This is the message the angels whispered to me.

This strong, positive message from the angels is not only for us all this week but it hold much longer terms power too.

In times when suddenly our freedom has been taken away from us and we have had to stay indoors this seems unimaginable and a tall order for us all today!

But the angels say now is the perfect time to find out whats holding us back long term from the freedom we truly each deserve.

Often during Angel Soul Readings or Angelic Healing sessions the client feels stuck or lost which fills them with the negative energy of frustration or even anger. But they have no idea what is holding them back or keeping them stuck, this then spirals feelings of anxiety and depression.

The angels are fantastic in these times. They clearly show us what gold cords hold us so tightly to the past. Often its something we are totally unaware of or we might sense it but have no clear guidance exactly what is restricting us in such powerful ways.

The energy at the moment is shifting so very quick. One day we may feel we are clear where we are heading and then next our horizon may have totally changed so we feel blocked. So for this reason the angels offer us to take each day very much as it is and be both prepared and flexible that things may change. The more fluid our ideas, the freer our future with be. New opportunities may arise that we wouldn't have dreamt of a few months before. So the angels say plan, but also plan to change too.

Feel free to speak your truth, to see the world through a kaleidoscope of different colours and chose to embracing all your different quirky gifts. People who are different, stand alone and have unique gifts but also are truly totally inline with who they genuinely are, shining their own individual styles will suddenly be seen like never before.

The angels ask have you been hiding your gifts too long? Have you been dulling your true potential and trying not to be seen or heard?

If this is the case the angels would love to gently nudge you forward or powerfully breakdown the barriers from your past.

Now is the time for you to step forward and fly freely with fun and fabulous authenticity. But also now is the time for something more special and pivotal infact......

Now is the time to use our gifts wisely, embrace who we truly are and find all the happiness we truly deserve. The angels whisper it is time to fly free.


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