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Introducing the Queen of the Fairies to you

I have connected with the fairies since I was a small child. When I was sad or felt lonely, I used to run away with the fairies in my mind. I remember going to a bluebell wood and seeing the energy pinging and sparkling as they whizzed around. I couldn’t understand how the others with me didn’t see the magic that I saw.

I love channelling the fairy’s energy and messages. They fill the air with such magic, fun and great joy. They lighten our energy field and give us a new spring in our step too. With my powerful connection to them I love channelling their creativity through my art and will write about that in another blog soon.

During readings sometimes their energy comes through and so often those particularly clients seem much younger, more colourful and connected to their youth far more than everyone else. As if they will be eternally younger than their years. Often the client’s aura will be filled with iridescent rainbow colours and a lot of sparkle abound.

The fairy’s energy is much lower vibration than that of the angels and I often hear them giggling in my ears. Their messages I channel for clients are far more human, with a sense of humour and childlike sentences. For this reason, I would never use them within healing work but for clients who need to find their creativities, their lost joy and rediscover their inner child then their messages work like a delightful treat.

When the queen of the fairies appears, I feel so very honoured. I see all the fairies around her bow to her and stand in line. It’s the sweetest thing to see. When I saw her for the first time it was when I was walking in the forest. As I looked at the ground, I saw a misty vision of her shoes and her skirt. Let me description the two to you. Her shoes are the most beautiful sight, so fine and sweet. They are of soft cream silk with delicate embroidered motif of flowers on the tops. The stitches are so fine with pretty coloured and golden thread just as you would imagine a queen of the fairies would wear. That day I only saw the hemline of her skirt, ruffles of silk cream taffeta. I remember thinking “Fancy wearing cream clothes in the muddy forest” to which I heard little laughs!

Since that day I have connected, that a Victorian painting I loved as a child is very much like her.

Now when she appears to me sometimes, I glanced down to my Persian rug on the floor and see those delicate shoes. Sometimes I see her dress with its floating organza sleeves and sometimes I see her golden long curly hair with a flower crown on top.

I hope my words have intrigued, inspired or brought you some joy today. If you would love to connect with the fairies, may I suggest you start by lying on the grass lawn and peering through the blades of grass to see if you can see their energy pinging around. Or maybe close your eyes in the sunshine and imagine them flying around your aura giving it a spring clean.

There are so many crystals you can connect to the fairies with, it’s like a ‘pic and mix’ of delights. I would recommend, two not too expensive ones to start with are candle quartz and spirit (cactus) quartz. I find these light, soft, sparkly and fun, they can lift your spirits when you feel down.

So, if you feel pulled down by the heaviness of the world. If you feel you have lost your connection to pure joy or your youth then maybe fairy medicine is for you. Its most definitely not a serious thing to work with, you need to give yourself time to open up to their messages and see if any of the giggles come through to you. If you would love to connect with the fairies in a truly magical way then please reach out and book an Intuitive Soul Reading. The fairies and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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