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Lets invoke the violet flame

Spiritually I have never been one to follow someone else’s beliefs and view, instead I have followed what feels right for my heart and soul. My spirituality has evolved, my own truth has unravelled over time and so my knowing is my own unique pic and mix of spirituality. When I occasionally buy spiritual books one or two chapters may resonate then I leave the rest to one side. My spirit guides are a kaleidoscope of beautiful light beings. One day Archangel Zadkiel

may be by my side, another moment Merlin, then Buddha appears. I love and honour the amazing connection I have with them. I see myself as so very lucky as I know they are all messengers of God, Source, our creator whatever you chose to call the highest, purest energy of all.

The violet flame was first introduced to me in a vision with the angels. They stood in a close circle surrounding m, then Merlin appeared. I love his energy so very much. It is pure magic and surprisingly light and bright. The way he appears to me is dressed in long light gowns with a beautifully wooden stave. When he hits this stave upon the ground the whole of my energy field shakes and I see visions of sparks flying off the ground in all directions. It’s like he sets off electrical currents underground. The whole of the earth and the leylines are shook up. He doesn’t scare me and his energy isn’t at all dark. It’s all about alchemy, miracles and white magic I find within him. The energy around him sparkles and seems to ignite which I find mesmerising to watch. Often when he appears I see the colour violet flash in front of my eyes or appear as a mist behind the veil of reality.

Anyway, back to the violet flame. I will explain it in simple terms. Those who have had sessions with me whether Soul Readings or Healing sessions will know I cut straight to the heart of the matter. I always come to the session with a pure, open heart. In fact, from the start of each session my mind leaves the room and I am a pure clear channel to receive messages from the universe and to relay them to the person they are intended for.

Source came to me and said I am a keeper of the violet flame. Merlin handed me the violet torch and now I use it a lot in my sessions and my own life too.

If this is the first time you have heard of the Violet flame, see it as a spiritual flame which can be used to burn away fear and dense energies to lift your vibration up to a higher plane.

Close your eyes and invite it into your life too. You can imagine the angels all around you and then see the violet flame burning in the centre. Maybe it will appear in a flat bowl, a torch, or a campfire however it appears is fine. The violet flame is not hot, it has no heat at all. It is a beautiful violet, light iridescent colour where can sparkles appear. Just imagining this flame is a powerful thing in itself. Then you can if you wish imagine stepping into it. Imagine the flames licking around your feet, your legs and throughout your energy field. It is so powerful it can burn away karmic energies, past life blocks and clear your chakras as well as your auric field. Some people like to call it up in their mind to offer then protection from lower energies around. I’ve read often that you should read out aloud long statements of intent before inviting it in, but for me none of that is required. Occasionally if I call on it to burn heavy fear-based energies away I invite it saying "I am the violet flame, I am the light of God" several times out loud and this seems to strengthen its power for me but really, I would recommend you see what feels authentic to your own heart and soul.

For myself I love to add some crystal energy and healing into the mix with Amethyst. If I have a piece of this crystal around, I will hold it in my hand or I will visualise standing in an Amethyst atrium with the violet flame in the centre. That way I have the healing from the crystal coming from outside of me and the violet flame from within.

Remember to relax and enjoy the whole process for me spiritual awakening should be your own magical journey and far more magic happens in the process when we are having fun!

Finally, you may also be interested to know that the violet flame can be used to clear the energy of your home, your work space or the world.

So, call on the angels, call on Merlin or directly from Source, invite the violet flame into your life.

My latest artwork channelling the powerful energy of the Violet Flame.

Copyright Jo Allen


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