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My gifts are Featured in Spirit and Destiny magazine, July 2019

I'm over the moon to be featured in a two page article about my intuitive creativity this month in the beautiful 'Spirit and Destiny' magazine. It is the perfect edition for me as its theme is 'Free your creativity'.

The article is based around my rare gift of Psychometry and how it inspires my art. This psychic gift I have had since childhood. When I hold an object or study a photograph of an object I can read its energy. I can tell its history and the story of behind its past owners.

Although I had a creative career as a Visual Merchandise manager in a London store before children it was only after the career break that I picked up a camera and started photography. The magazine tells the story of how one night I had an extreme vision like I had never had before. It was just like watching a movie in front of my eyes. It started with Victorian letters in envelopes flying at great speed through my letter box and they landed, scattered randomly on my doormat. Then vintage wooden scrabble blocks fell from above and carefully fell on the collection of post. The word that the letters spelled out was so clearly 'Thank You'.

This vision was so vivid and intense that the next day I felt I must reproduce it but I had no idea why or what for. This in fact was the first piece of art I was to license months later and it was manufactured into greetings cards worldwide by two of the biggest publishers in the field. At that time no one had seen any other art work like this and my licensing company had no idea what to call its style. Years later with the introduction of social media this art form is now at last seen and is called Flat lay art.

Life to me is a rich tapestry and I am so very pleased this vision was made into greetings cards through out the world. I love the idea that people have chosen it in a shop, written messages of love within it and then headed off to post the card. Then someone has excitedly received it in the post, enjoying opening and reading the message. It seems a wonderful message of gratitude to spread across the globe.


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