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Readings In Freuds Study

An evening at the Freud Museum

Recently I was honoured to be invited to do readings at the Freud Museum, London. This unique museum was the final home of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis and his daughter Anna Freud, a pioneering child psychoanalyst.

In a leafy suburb of Hampstead stands the beautiful home of Sigmund and Anna, which they moved to after they escaped Vienna in 1938. The library and study where Freud worked have been preserved exactly as they were during his lifetime; this was where I sat to do my readings. I was delighted to be given the chance to channel the messages from the angels in a place with such unique atmosphere.

The room was filled Freuds personal collection of archaeologist antiquities and treasures. The walls were lined with cabinets of curiosities, artworks and shelves full of his large book collection. The centre piece was Freud’s iconic psychoanalytic couch, draped in a beautiful Persian rug. On here his patients reclined, discussing their thoughts and dreams. On his desk where he wrote lay his famous glasses amongst a collection of treasured objects, I’m sure each of which had its own story to tell. It felt as if Freud himself had only moments before left the room and that he would return imminently to his precious sanctuary.

When I entered the study the energy of the huge collection of objects and the surrounding was extremely noisy. Although I stood there totally on my own, psychically so many voices and feelings were coming through I found it intensely overwhelming. I sat in silence for a while and asked the angels to calm everything down until it all sat energetically still. I felt the angels surround myself and the room with their wonderful light. Then the readings could take place. Such lovely people queued for readings. Some came with a specific question, others just felt called to sit with the angels a few moments and receive very powerful messages. I took a collection of my own curios to channel messages from the angels to people too and I loved this unique approach. My gift of psychometry means as I look at an object (or see a photo of it) I am able to read its energetic story. During these readings at the Freud Museum, I channelled messages from the angels through the object as the person held it in their hand. This is a totally unique gift I have and Freuds study seemed the perfect place for this to take place. Whether the person picked up an antique pocket watch, a message in a bottle or a key each message was totally bespoke to the person, to their life and to their wellbeing. Obviously, all readings are always confidential but examples of the messages people received that evening were - beautiful words from loved ones who had past, huge ancestral blocks were disclosed which were holding the person back so very much and dynamics of relationships were explained so very clearly, in a new light.

The evening will always hold a special place in my heart as I loved seeing each person’s face as they stood up after their angel messages, suddenly they saw their life and the world through a very different lens.

If you are in London the museum is well worth a visit. It is a charity and receives no direct public funding. As you enter its doorway you wonder who stepped over the threshold to lay on Freuds famous couch.


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