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Transform with Goddess Kali Ma

Goddess Kali Ma has stepped forward at this time to dissolve darkness around or within us so we can massively transform our lives.

I find it truly fascinating how the universe brings me these spirit guides to step forward at different times when the world needs their individual super powers. Often I see the golden thread from clients and other spiritual folk who see the same spirit guides at the similar times to me. This always teaches me that there are no coincidences and everything is orchestrated by the divine. Kali Ma has very intense, powerful energy. When she first appears she can scare people as she seems very dark, but in fact she is filed with such great wisdom, love, compassion and truth. She is able to blast away negativity in all its form out of our way. I see her energy as almost black like the night sky, it feels comfortable and safe like a security blanket. She calls on us to face our inner fears as so often they hold us back so much and they are so often not even from this lifetime at all. To work with her you have to be willing to do some homework and be up to change as its my experience with her that she is straight to the point and tells you what sometimes you would rather not here, but you need to hear to move on and be empowered. Anything which is ego based is blasted away to leave your very true essence behind.

The energy at the moment is very fast, it feels speeded up, so if you feel of heavy heart today please know tomorrow is brand new.

Please reach out to me if you would love Kali Ma to step forward and help you during one of my unique sessions.

Goddess Kali Ma's message to the world


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