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Visualisation to help clear your energy field

I created this visualisation technique to help myself, I have found it a wonderful tool to do if I feel overwhelmed and swamped by the worlds worries. It is a great way to clear other people’s negativity as well as lifting our own energy field. It can be done first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Or at any time when everything seems too much. It needs only to take just a few moments or as long as you like but you need to set the intent that it will work. To amplify the process even more you can hold clear crystal quartz in your hands too

· Sit or stand in a quiet place. Close your eyes and invite the angels or your spirit guides into your space. You may like to take a few deep breathes in and out to settle your mind.

· Imagine Archangel Raphael beaming a huge ray of bright, white light from high in the universe down upon you. Picture the light like a huge spot light shining down onto you and all around you for about 2 metres in all directions. Maybe you can feel the warmth of the light on your face or you can feel tingling in your body but if you don’t feel anything that’s fine. Visualise you are now standing in a beautiful bubble of white, bright, pure light.

· Then welcome Raphael to clear inside your energy field. Imagine he holds a beautiful watering can above your head. The water in this precious vessel is cool, clear and pure. With your permission Raphael will pour this magical water over your head. It will enter your body through your crown chakra and gradually flow through all of your body. As it does this it will wash and clear each of your chakras, you may visualise each chakra lighting up and shining so much brighter than before.

· As each chakra or part of your body is cleared by this sacred water invite it to clear and remove any unwanted, negative energy within you. Picture these unwanted or lower vibrational energies as dark dust. You may even be able to see this dark, grey dust swirling and whirling around before it leaves through your feet chakras. Can you see this old dust around you feet maybe? See it being quickly soaked up by the earth under your feet, the earth welcomes it into its deepest core. If you like you can do this cleansing several times so that all that unwanted denser energy leaves you.

· Now see yourself as clear, the bright white light has cleaned you outside and the water cleaned away within you.

· Finally you may like to ask Archangel Michael to step forward and to shine his bright blue light around your energy field to protect you. This blue light can shine around your about 2 metres in all directions. Imagine you standing in that beautiful bubble of blue energy all day.

· Thank Archangels Raphael and Michael for their gift and then gentle open your eyes once more.


If you have enjoyed my visualisation here you may like to listen to my angel meditations and Psychometry readings on my Instagram account too


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