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What angels look like to me

Many people ask me what angels look like, but the answer is unique to each individual person I feel; for me they appear in lots of different forms, of all ages and sizes.

The first angel I saw was when I was a small child. Sitting in a Victorian classroom I watched fascinated as the sunlight flooded in the room, the shaft of light hit the wall behind me. As I watched mesmerized the dust danced and floated around until it formed the shape of an angel. I would describe it as looking like a floating hologram, as if it was a moving image on a sheet of glass. The angel was of very traditional appearance just like the ones which appear on Victorian Christmas cards. It had a long brass trumpet which I feel symbolised it was Archangel Gabriel with the message of their presence to me. The angel had the most beautiful, huge pair of white feathered wings.

Mostly I see traditional angels but during readings with clients different ones step forward which seem to match the persons true essence.

During readings I have seen beautiful young adolescent aged angels step forward with flowers in their hair and long floaty flowery dresses as if they had stepped out of a music festival. Their energy was soft, calm and free flowing. They seemed to bring with them the sense of youth and freedom.

In contrast I have seen angels appear who were dressed as if they had stepped of a Victorian theatre stage. They were wonderfully dressed in amazing ballet costumes with delicate, soft coloured tutus and highly embellished bodices which sparkled in the candlelight. Their presence seemed to bring calm, comforting strength as well as magic and creativity too.

Occasionally I see the angels were in modern clothing. I’ve seen them dressed in warm, layered, white clothes with jumpers and puffer jackets as the client was located where the climate was very cold. This to me is such a wonderful gift that the angels appear in such bespoke visions and I look forward each time to see which angels will step forward to help.

Once I stepped on to a tube train and saw it was not only full of people but of different angels too, all dressed in their own unique style but all of them where dressed in white. While travelling on the Underground I can feel apprehensive so seeing the angels on the tube train was a massive comfort to me.

The size of the angels fascinates me too. Archangel Michael often appears huge, sometime so big he has to bend down to fit in the room during healing and reading sessions!

The thing that all the angels have in common is their huge, white, soft feathered wings. Sometimes when I feel them close to me, I hear the sound of their wings beating or the sound of the rustle of white feathers as well as feeling the air gently move around me.

Recently a totally different angel stepped forward for me. I would describe it as a light being in the shape of an angel. It shone so very brightly that all I could see was its outline. It said in time I will be able to see its face and hear its name but from now on it has stepped forward to help me when I do my angelic healing around the world. When it first appeared I immediately felt great inner strength and courage but also such amazing calm too. For me the presence of angels provides me with great reassurance, guidance, comfort, joy, gratitude and strength. Their appearance sparks my imagination and creativity too.


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