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What is Psychometry?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

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My lifetime collection of treasures hold endless stories hidden within their energy

The psychic skill of psychometry is also known as token object reading. It is being able to sense or read the history of an object by holding it in your hand.

As a small child I used to go treasure hunting with my grandma . She taught me the skill of seeing beauty in things that other people ignored or overlooked. Together we would go to attic sales and we would hunt through dusty old boxes to find long forgotten treasures. I was fascinated how these objects made my hand warm as I held them. For me, each of these objects had been lost and now it was found. When at home I would hold it in my hand again and connect with it. I would picture the person who owned it once and feel its energy run through me. Questioning did it make me feel happy or sad? Who bought it from the shop originally or who gave it as a gift?

As an adult I would unknowingly use these skills in my art which was inspired by my lifetime collection of treasures. As I curated and arranged these treasures for my photography I would again energetically read their stories, being fascinated as well as inspired by their past owners.

Then at the age of 50 I realized how strong my skill of psychometry was. A person handed me a plain white envelope with an object in it. All I was allowed to do was hold the sealed envelope on one hand and concentrate on it for 3 minutes. Quickly the message came through. "It was a round metal object. It was very small but it held a lot of love within it and its owner had a big voice. It was a ring, not a ring. Yes it was a silver coloured ring". I had told its story perfectly. The object was a silver ring given to its owner when she was a teenager by her much loved father. Now on her adult finger it was very small and its owner had a beautiful big voice. The last thing was it was a broken ring, it had a huge split at the back of it. That made sense of my comment that it was a ring, not a ring as I sensed it had a split in it!

Since this moment I have totally understood my naturally born gifts. I love using these skills when I both treasure hunt and also when I do angel readings and mediumship. Objects can hold such beautiful stories within them which help us connect and understand the past. We can find so much more about the objects owner through these tangible connections with our loved ones who once held them in their hands.


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